Woodland works

Back in the woods with making the most of the longer daylight hours to get on top of woodland works (in amongst the good weather days for drone flying), we've been doing a bit of everything recently - variation is the spice of life as they say! Recent works include:

  1. planting 4000 hedging plants to screen some infrastucture works as well as providing shelter for stock

  2. laying a hedge. This stops it looking like a row of lollipops as well as providing better shelter (stopping the wind from blowing through the base of the hedge) and creating a stock/people proof barrier.

  3. some first thinning of a young plantation (approx 15-20 years old). We do this in a variety of ways depending upon the landowners priorities. Recent work was to open up a wood to promote the development of final crop trees and provide space for game birds without making the wood to cold.

  4. ride widening. This aids with access tracks by allowing airflow and light to reach the forest floor, helping to dry up wet patches and letting light to the base of the canopy. A fringe benefit is that it makes deer management easier as high seats can be placed at track intersections with a greater coverage and earlier warnign of approaching deer.

This is just a selection of the recent works we have undertaken for customers. We have also undertaken scrub clearance, dead tree removal but unfortunatley have less photo's of these works (concentrating to much on the job at hand!). We are also still delivering firewood which is more relevant after the hail showers experienced today, if there are any works you would like to undertake on your woodland please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to come and have a look and give an idea as to what may be required and how we can help.