Timber forwarding

We are starting timber forwarding for a customer so as to build up their stock of firewood in anticipation of this winter.

Timber forwarding with Alpine tractor and crane

Timber forwarding

Although this may seem a little bit early to start collecting timber for the winter it does allow the stacks time to season. The key reason for this is to reduce the moisture content of the log prior to burning. This means that the firewood is just providing heat from the combustion process rather than losing energy by evaporating excess moisture out of the log prior to combustion = less heat in the room!

Small Timber Forwarding Kit still equals Big Effect


The equipment we use allows us to bring in larger pieces of timber (which is more efficient) which can then be processed into firewood at the customers chosen location, this also minimises multiple handling and thereby cost to the customer.

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It is surprising just how much we can shift in a few hours, even with our low impact kit, the photos above show what was recovered over the course of a day and this is despite quite a long drive from the woods to the timber stacks.

Some of the benefits of the equipment we run are:

  1. We can get to smaller parcels of woodland that may not be accessible for bigger equipment. This allows us to extract the valuable timber and recover it for you, with minimal fuss and mess, direct to where you need it.
  2. Low cost of transporting the equipment to and from site.
  3. The equipment is particularly stable on steep slopes and undulating ground. Safer for us and you.
  4. We can do everthing from felling the trees, extracting and recovering the timber to a specified site and then converting the tree lengths into useable firewood.

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