Scrub Clearance

A quick update on some recent Scrub clearance works

We’ve been doing some clearance to let some light (and water) back into a pond site. The removal of the trees has also allowed the water back into the pond and it is filling up again – quite quickly with the wet weather we’ve been experiencing recently!!






Finished works with some of the timber still to be removed.

To facilitate the scrub clearance we took our tractor mounted chipper onto site and chipped the smaller diameter timber in situ to save time and money for the landowner. The tractor and chipper all go onto the back of a flatbed trailer and can easily be moved to site and then due to the lighter footprint of the machine it is able to get into sensitive sites that may not be possible with larger or tow behind equipment.

If you have some unloved areas of your own that coud do with a tidy up, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to come and have a look and advise on potential options.