Hummingbird and RKRS - Advanced crop analytics

We have recently teamed up with Hummingbird Technologies who provide advanced crop analytics on a 24hr turnaround, to operate a Sequoia equipped sensefly drone for them. This is very similar ot our own drone but is the new and improved version! This means that from us coming out to the farm and imaging the requisite fields you will have a bespoke targeted spray/fertiliser application recommendation within 24 hours. This can be viewed in the field on mobile devices, in the office on web software as well as integrating with a number of commonly used farm mangement software packages. Crop analytics

What does this give us?

  1. improved endurance = greater area coverage/day
  2. more sensors on board = less flight time required
  3. faster product turnaround = application recomendations within 24 hours
  4. detection of blackgrass
  5. precision weed mapping

Head on over to their website Hummingbird for a fuller idea of what they can provide, or give us a call, we are always happy to discuss your requirements and how we could help make your farm more efficient and boost profit.