Forest Mulching

The Bobcat Machine we have had in this week to complete the forest mulching/ride clearance has been a tracked one – Handy in some of the wetter areas that we have encountered over the last few days. The amount of work that we have done with this mulcher set up has been exceptional and we have created some cracking new habitat areas for the local wildlife to enjoy. This will create areas for wildlife to warm up in the suna nd dry off after the rains we seem to be having at the moment. The grass should now come back having been given access to light – so long as we can keep on top of blackthorn/bramble regrowth – there isnow a lot of rides to mow so looking at the grasss growth already we hope to be busy over the summer!We managed to convince a budding Spielberg to join us in the woods today and we have added a slightly better video to our Facebook and Youtube pages (click here for Facebook and YouTube) . I can assure you that our forest work is better than our camera work though!

A few new pictures to keep you interested too…..

A perfect spot for breakfast: WP_20160123_10_44_26_Pro

Before: WP_20160124_10_42_01_Pro

After: WP_20160124_11_18_29_Pro

The last stint before completing the woodland…..IMG-20160124-WA0001