End of year update summary

We’ve been particularly busy over the last few months and while we have managed to update our Facebook page a bit more regularly, the news section here has taken a bit of a back seat when posting updates! As such we thought a little summary update would be interesting (pictures included) to show you what has been keeping us busy and also demonstrate the range of work we undertake and differing pieces of equipment we use/have access to as and when the job requires. If you have any questions or would like some similar work undertaking please feel free to drop us a line either through the contact page Contact Us or old school with a phone call.

Log Splitting

Starting off with some log splitting for a customer – this was all oversize oak that we first broke down using our 17 ton tractor splitter and then brought the processor in to cut/spplit it further into manageable 10″ logs ready for the fire. Our photography is worse than our work so unfortunately it was a bit dark when we took the photo of the log pile we produced, but suffice to say it should see the winter out, and a bit!

Small tractor feeds big tractor

Scrub clearance

Some different requirements initially with the tractor and chipper on a steep bank. This was to open up/return park land to its intended state while also having the added bonus of opening up a track which should allow it to dry out quicker and thereby prolonging it’s lifespan.


Bank work to clear hawthorn

Semi finished state

We have also had a tracked mulcher back onto a job where we cleared a decent area of scrubland to return to a useable field for grazing. The photo’s below show the machine as well as what we were workingour way through (which covered the whole site) and the finished fields – less their initial reed and hawthorn covering!

The tracked mulcher on a SSSI reed bed – making sure we don’t sink!

A clear path through the scrub

Before and after in the same shot…

The finished article – not a hawthorn bush in sight!

Felling and Extraction

More recently we have been busy felling some larger trees on a golf course. Here our lightweight equipment has come into its own, protecting the fairways from damagewhilst still being able to shift a significant amount of timber. The sale of all of this timber covered our bill so in effect the work was nil cost to the customer! As we say ‘we may have small kit but our output is still pretty mighty!’ The last photo in this run is of the amount of timber we cut/extracted in a 9 day period all the while staying out of the way of the odd stray golf ball.

Timber of the fairway

Tread lightly when on the course!

Small kit but Mighty output

Timber Haulage/Firewood

To keep up with our own firewood requirements we’ve also been updating our stocks of timber. Bringing in a slightly bigger trailer than normal (11 tons) we managed to haul some local timber back to the yard. This will all be split and stored over the coming months to fully season in anticipation of being sold next winter (17/18). We still have stocks of sesoned hardwood left for this winter, so please give us a call to arrange delinery and ensure the fires burn bright over Christmas.

Larger timber extraction kit

Some wiggly timber for firewood processing….

Canopy Raise

Our last photo in this montage…..

We were recently asked to raise the lower branches along a roadside, this was to try and stop lorries from removing them with their bodywork! Ahectic few days in hi viz saw us lift approximatley half a mile of roadside trees with the use of a MEWP access platform. This amde the work both safer and quicker for all involved. Branch material was chipped back into the hedgeline to leave a tidy verge and hopefully will ensure the trees remain damage free for a good few years from any passing lorries.


MEWP Canopy Raise

We think that sums up some of the things we’ve been up to recently and we would like to thank all our customers in 2016 and look forwards to working with many of them again in 2017. If you have any projects you would like our assistance with please feel free to get in touch and we wish you all a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.