Thinning, extracting and aerial pictures!

Making the most of the dry weather we’ve been felling with ongoing thinning and ride widening work being completed. We’ve also put in a few new gun lines for a local shoot to make some of their shooting days a bit more challenging for the guns.

Typically as we get to the end of the cutting and just about to start extracting the heavens open once again. Trying to be as sensitive as possible we’ve delayed extracting on those sites where damage to soil structure might occur.

We recently managed to capture this image of a Scheduled Ancient Monument we’ve been working on (when time and conditions allow) which gives a good idea as to the difference as to before and after.


The bottom right hand side is what the whole site used to look like, with mid left and top right showing most recent works and top left showing works undertaken 6 months ago.

We’re looking forwards to getting the last of the timber off and then clearing all brash from the site to return it to what it should be - and ancient village!